Rena believes that being a great belly dancer requires not only having excellent technique, passionate delivery and a strong knowledge of Middle Eastern music and rhythms but also demands having a strong and healthy body overall.  In addition to teaching belly dance classes in Philadelphia for over 6 years, she included various forms of exercise within those classes to heighten her students' learning experience by incorporating both things she loves - fitness and belly dance.

Rena has been devoted to a life of health and fitness for years.  While it is not necessary for belly dancers to fit the ideal body image typically seen in other dance disciplines or in Hollywood, Rena enjoys being fit and staying in shape as a personal decision she made years ago in her quest for overall well-being.   She believes that as we get older, it is paramount that we work hard to take better care of ourselves both inside and outside.   Although she is not fitness certified, she has had the pleasure of having been mentored and coached by friends who are certified personal trainers, dance instructors, yoga instructors and more.  They have inspired her to pursue her health and fitness goals with stronger determination and to further encourage others in their own quest to practice healthy habits.