Rena can customize any of the entertainment options below to accommodate your needs or creativity.  Please note that rates may vary according to travel time, venue, availability, event type or other special requests.  All rates are subject to change at any given time.  Once an event is mutually confirmed, a Service Performance Agreement, along with a non-refundable deposit, will be required to secure your booking. 


Mini Belly Dance Performance - $160

The mini-show consists of a 10-15 minute routine and is ideal for more intimate parties; however, just about any event may enjoy this option.


Classic Belly Dance Performance - $225

The classic performance is a typical 20-30 minute belly dance routine and is usually most popular with guests at both medium-sized and larger functions.  The performance is dramatic, incorporating both slow and sultry as well as dynamic and energetic elements.  Towards the end of the performance, Rena encourages crowd participation by inviting guests to get up and dance with her!  Props such as veil, zills (finger cymbals), sword or wings may also be utilized to make more of an impact or add mystery and decadence.


Belly Dance Performance & Lesson - $275

This is a great option for events largely consisting of female audiences, including children.  Rena will perform a 15-20 minute show, followed by a 30-minute fun, exciting belly dance lesson!  A limited number of hip scarves will be provided so that participants may experience a little of what it's like to be a belly dancing goddess!


Weddings & Upscale or VIP Performances - $350 and up

Something as spectacular as a wedding or high caliber event requires the utmost attention to detail.  As such, Rena wants to ensure that your special day is not only exquisite but also elegant, classy and memorable for all your guests!  This show is top-notch and customized in length for your convenience.