"Beautiful dancing Rena."  Thanks for your artistry.  We hope to work together again.

- Myriam Eli - Professional Middle Eastern Dancer & Percussionist, Ft. Lauderdale


"As someone who has been studying belly dance for over thirteen years, I can truly attest to Rena's talent as a dancer. She brings strong technical ability as well as a pure love of the dance to her performances. She is truly a joy to watch and represents the best qualities of this unique art form. Rena dances from her heart and soul. She also brings warmth and humor to her performances. She is always honing her craft and I have seen her skill level grow over the years that I've had the pleasure of knowing her. Her background in music adds a level of musicality and an understanding of Middle Eastern rhythms to her dancing. She is truly an asset to the belly dance community. I highly recommend her to any student whether they are just learning to belly dance or are a seasoned performer."

– Lisa Giokas - Belly Dancer, Philadelphia


"Rena represents the heart and soul of what a professional bellydancer should be, and will do the same in the Miami, FL area the same way she made an impact on the art form in the city of Philadelphia, PA.

One who demands and commands complete respect of her craft, her physical and mental approach to any event she performs at will leave you a new appreciation not only for belly dance, but for women, in general.

With sparkling eyes enchanting a smile at anyone, symmetry that will leave you spellbound and stomach muscles and countless isolations that speak for themselves, she gives praise and honor to those who built the foundations of the art form birthed in Egypt thousands of years ago.

As well as her dancing, she is equally dynamic as an instructor, applying the same enthusiasm and love to her students. RENA strives to make every performance better than the last and wants the audience to want even more.

Miami is in the presence of a true belly dance gem, and even better a woman who will raise the bar for professional belly dancing for many performances and years to come.

She is also a dynamic singer, actress, and model that adds to the range of her overall talents she carries, no matter what element you put her in, the overall quality of RENA always shines the brightest!"

– Brandon - Belly Dance Enthusiast, DC


"You are so great. I hope someday to make something look so beautiful and fluid. Your performance was so inspiring. You were an incredible teacher!" 

- Heather McClay - Former Student & Belly Dancer, Philadelphia


"I loved my sister's performances so much, that I did what I never thought I'd do...take classes! I'm now in love with this art form and find it a shame how misunderstood it truly is. It is based on a very rich culture with specific musical styles unique to it. Perfect for all ages and body types...seriously!"

– Lucy Núñez - Actress, Belly Dance Student & Sister, Miami 


"I have always been very fond of middle eastern music and have seized every chance I have had to go and see a live performance.  However, I must say that yours was, by far, the best I have ever seen.  Both me and my girlfriend were so impressed that night that we could not help but inquire about you.  Our awe was compounded when we found out that you were actually not of middle eastern descent (something I had automatically assumed after witnessing you professional performance).  Once again, thank you for an amazing and inspiring performance!!!"

- Nikola - Konak Turkish Restaurant Patron, Philadelphia


"Very good control and nice isolations." - Mary Beth - Belly Dancer, Philadelphia


"You have no idea how much I enjoy coming to see you.  You are mesmerizing.  I really appreciate the music and the dance so much more now.  You are a wonderful entertainer.  And to those who do not come, they are seriously missing out on a wonderful experience!" -Jessica, Philadelphia


"My friends had invited me to World Cafe Live and all of a sudden I discover you were performing as well!  You were fantastic!  The entire show was so awe-inspiring!  I just want to congratulate you on a great performance!"

 - Rebekah, Philadelphia


"You're such a wonderful teacher... you seem so joyful all the time, it's contagious!" - Kiri - Former Student, Belly Dancer & Entertainer, New York