Where Belly Dance Meets Fitness


 The Belly Dancer ~ Khalil Gibran

“Beautiful woman, daughter of grace and of joy, from where comes your art?
How do you master the earth and the air in your steps and the water and fire in your cadence?”

The dancer knelt before the prince and replied:“Your highness, I’m not certain how to answer you, but I know that The soul of the philosopher lies wake in their head,
The soul of the poet soars in their heart,
The soul of the singer vibrates in their throat,
But the soul of the dancer lives in all of their body.”

The Power

Of Middle Eastern Dance


Rena regularly updates her portfolio to stay current and because she absolutely loves doing photo shoots!  She feels a certain therapeutic release and a strong, inexplicable freedom of expression when in front of a camera!  She feels blessed to have worked with some of the most amazingly talented photographers over the years!

Rena's images are an artistic fusion of belly dance, fitness, glamour, lifestyle, acting and commercial modeling.  

IMPORTANT: All images have a strict copyright enforced.  Misuse, theft or downloading of the same is prohibited and offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 


the beauty

Of Middle Eastern Dance




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